Kopke Port, 1998

Colheita Port - Includes Kopke Wooden Gift Box

Bottle size: 75cl

ABV: 20%


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History and exclusivity are two of the words that best describe Kopke, a brand synonymous with prestige. Kopke existed even before there was a demarcated Region of the Douro. Established in 1638, the oldest Port wine house built an impeccable reputation based on the highest quality. A leader in the production of Port Tawny Colheita wines, including white port, Kopke has a remarkable and highly awarded range of special category Ports.


Excellent - bottled in 2020


Presented in the port house's unmistakable and unique hand-painted bottle, this 1998 Kopke Tawny Colheita is elegant and complex. An amalgamation of rich flavours is marked by the presence of dried fruits, with a burst of freshness in red cherries enhanced by an exuberant note of spice. Perfect for pairing with an exquisite salted caramel tart.

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