Graham Port, 1978

Graham Port, 1978

Malvedos Vintage Port

Description and Reviews:
1978 harvest was quite exceptional. The warm, summer ripening conditions produced this wonderful Vintage Port from Grahams, shipped down from the terraced vineyards in the upper Douro Valley to ripen and mature in the warehouses of on the Atlantic shores. The grapes used in this port were grown on class A terroir producing a port that reaches maturity at 12 to 15 years. Today this Grahams Vintage 1978 emerges in all its beauty and splendor Its ruby robe with the tawny highlights conceals a bouquet of ripe, candied fruits and spices. Intoxicating aromas and a complex palate with peppery, caramelly notes complete the picture. Pure fire and velvet!

Condition Report:

Good level- Very damadged labels

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Vintage Port, Vintage Port


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