Caves Messias, 2010

Caves Messias , 2010

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This is a very good single varietal wine from the Bairrada region. It has a very intense violet colour. Aroma of fruit, spices and chocolate, honed by toasted oak barrels. In the mouth it has a strong structure and silky tannins, with a powerful and fresh flavor and a very long finish.

Bairrada is a Portuguese wine region located in the Beira province of Portugal, borded to the north by Lafões IPR and to the east by Dão DOC. Bairrada has the highest wine classification as a Denominação de Origem Controlada (DOC), and is located near the Atlantic Ocean, which climate has a moderated effect. The name “Bairrada” is originated from “Barros” (Clay) due to the clayey soils of the region, an important characteristic of the winery region. Classified in 1979 as an ancient winery region, the wine from Bairrada is known for its deep colored tannic red wine that often have bell pepper and the black currant flavours

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Wine - Red, Portugal


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