Sangiovese di Romagna, 1989

Sangiovese di Romagna, 1989

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Description and Reviews:
The alluring wines possess organoleptic diversities, from light and juicy styles to drier wines with depth, complexity and body. The latter are elegant and structured with an ability to age; their personality leans towards a full-bodied, rustic and cherry-rich style with underlying herbal notes and a bouquet reminiscent of violets and blackberries.

Sangiovese di Romagna is considered the king of Romagnan wines. There is much history linked to the Sangiovese variety, which is believed to have originated on Monte Giove (Mount Jupiter), near Sant'Angelo di Romagna in the province of Rimini. The Romagna Sangiovese clone may not be as highly regarded as the Tuscan kind, but in the hands of experts it can rival many from Tuscany.

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Wine - Red, Italian


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