1948 Wine and Port Vintage

Vintage Port: 1948 was a very good port vintage that was only declared by 9 shippers. It was a seven year wait after this until the next declared vintage.
Bordeaux: An excellent vintage that had the misfortune to fall between two legendary vintages. Often when Bordeaux has three outstanding vintages in a row, one is often forgotten. The wines have aged extremely well and the best wines still tend to make excellent drinking today. 1948 wines will last for many years to come.

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70 Years of Port Gift

40yr Taylor's and 30yr Taylor's in a double dark mocha leather effect gift box as illustrated.

All 75cl Bottles. A wonderful gift for a 70th Birthday or Anniversary.

This double gift box contains two 75cl bottles of Rich Tawny Port: One 30 year old port(Scoring 92/100 Parker points. This is a fine pale orange brown with a taste of fruit cordial and honey and lemons. It is elegant with fine balance and poise with subtle acidity and a lovely nutty finish. Gold medal winner Decanter awards '04. Drink now - 2030.

One 40 year old port:
This lovely 40 year old has a wonderful tawny colour and is fragrant with a vivid roast almond and summer fruits flavour. It is full of personality, has a lively richness and a mouth watering finish.
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Baron de Lustrac, 1948

Vintage Armagnac

Baron de Lustrac is a small traditional éleveur specialising in fine old Armagnac vintages. Their extensive range is sourced from neighbouring estates in the Tenereze and Mas Armagnac regions and they keep an ageing and bottling chais near Magnan, in the Bas Armagnac region.

All Armagnacs are aged in 420ltr oak barrels and sold as single vintages. The grapes used are all harvested from the one particular year, and will only be distilled if the conditions were particularly good. Perfect for big birthdays or as a special drink for the connoisseur as they truly are a fine example of the very best Armagnacs around.
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Chateau Haut Brion, 1948

Pessac Leognan 1er Grand Cru Classe

Chateau Haut-Brion has one of the longest and most interesting histories of any Bordeaux vineyard. The property derives its name from an ancient Celtic term “Briga.” Loosely translated, this means a rise or mound in the land. This unique terroir was first prized for growing grapes to produce Bordeaux wine close to 600 years ago!

Chateau Haut Brion has an almost, unequaled track record for quality and its ability to age and evolve. This bottle from the excellent but overlooked 1948 vintage will still offer a unique drinking experience.

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Chateau Lafite Rothschild, 1948

Pauillac Grand Cru Classe

Mature mahogany colour, a little cloudy. Plenty of glycerine, unctuous and creamy port like texture, but without the sweetness, which one could expect given that 1948 wasn’t a very ripe vintage. It kept getting better in the glass.
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Fonseca Port, 1948

Vintage Port

1948 Fonseca Vintage Port – James Suckling had bestowed 100 points on this VP. Tawny-centered colour with a light yellowish edge, with surprisingly light colour overall, not what I am used to. In contrast to the massive masculine style of the Taylor, this showed the smooth elegance and feminine style of a great well-aged vintage Port. It exhibits cherry and sweet cranberry fruit, along with an incredibly complex and everlasting finish.
Review by Roy Hersh- For the Love of Port
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Madeira, 1948

MBV - Malvasia - Bottled by Barbeito

This is a rare and limited release of the 1948 Madeira from the family cellars. The bottles are in perfect condition. There is something ethereal about tasting such a rare vintage. The 1948 Malvasia is very dry as one would expect from this style of Madeira. There is a huge amount happening on the complexity front with some bitter nut skin notes with dried flowers and citrus pith. Although quite dry, this does not come across as too severe. An electric wine that is astonishingly refreshing. Massive finish that goes on and on.
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Negrino, 1948

Leone de Castris

Please note that due to the shape of the bootle it can only fit into a stained box.
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Taylor's Port, 1948

Vintage Port

The 1948 Taylor's has strong tawny colour's. On the nose there was a wonderful coffee, chocolate and tobacco. With an alluring herbal aroma. On the palate this port has a luscious feel on the palate and incredibly complex layers of caramel, chocolate and coffee. This continued with an incredible long persistent finish. VWP tasting March 2017
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Vino Santo, 1948


Vino Santo, has been made in Tuscany since at least medieval times, and was probably named 'holy wine' because of its use during the Mass.
A dessert wine bright yellow in colour with amber hues. Generous, complex aromas with hints of honey and dried fruit. A well-structured, pleasantly sweet and lingering flavour.
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Burmester Port, 1948

Vintage Port

A very rare 1948 Burmester Vintage Port.
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