1953 Wine and Port Vintage

Vintage Port: 1953 Vintage Port: Not a declared year. A 60 year old Colhieta port makes an excellent gift to celebrate an anniversary or to mark a special occasion like a 1953 vintage birthday.
Italian: 1953 wine vintage was generally an excellent year for Italian wine as it was for other regions throughout Europe.
Bordeaux: 1953 wine from Bordeaux: Another strong candidate for Bordeaux vintage of the century. The 1953 wines which are sumptuous and rich have always been exalted highly by critics. The 1953 vintage reached its peak in the 1970s and is now declining slowly. The wines are still very drinkable and will last many more years.

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Baron de Lustrac, 1953

Armagnac 1953 Vintage (Comes in original Lustrac Box as illustrated)

Armagnac is a grape brandy from the Gascony region of South-Western France. Its closest relative is cognac, another grape brandy from an appellation located about 100 miles north of Armagnac. Armagnac even though it is related to and often confused with cognac, armagnac is very different with regards to its grapes, terroir, distillation, élevage, blending, aromas, tastes and textures. In truth, France's two finest brandies made from wine are not very much alike at all.

Armagnac pre-dates cognac by about 150 years but never achieved the widespread sales figures that its relatives in the Charente obtained.
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Chateau Lynch-Bages, 1953

Pauillac 5me Cru Classe

Deep purple red. Depth of blackcurrant cabernet on the nose. Expressive fruit on the palate. Good length, balance and soft tannins. A great mature wine with an exelent bouquet.
Lynch-Bages enjoyed a glorious decade of the fifties, producing superlative wines such as in 1953.
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