1972 Wine and Port Vintage

Italian: Only a small crop of 1972 wine was produced and the wines are now very rare. The growing season was held back by inclement weather in the main Italian wine regions of Piedmont and Tuscany. Tuscany produced a small crop of Brunello and Chianti. These are generally characterised as having good colour, high acidity and some dryness. The best of the vintage originates from the more southerly regions.
Bordeaux: Bordeaux 1972 wines are generally characterised by having good colour, with dryness and high acidity. However, the style was for early drinking and very few examples exist today. The growing season was difficult with the grape development held back by inclement weather. This did not allow the grapes to fully ripen by harvest. Sweet wines from Sauternes and Barsac are very good.
Vintage Port: A good vintage that was not declared. Some vintage port and single quintas were produced. Port wines from 1972 are now fully mature but well stored examples will last for many years more.

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Baron de Sigognac, 1972

Armagnac (Comes in original wooden gift box as illustrated)

The company behind this Armagnac owns one of the most important stocks of old vintages in the whole region. They are growers as well as distillers and specialise in sourcing and ageing old casks of Armagnac.

The Armagnac is made from a blend of Baco and Ugni Blanc, the predominant grapes used in the production of Armagnac. The distillation takes place in a column still to an alcohol strength of about 54%. The spirit is then aged in local black oak casks. The alcohol content then reduces naturally to about 40% after about forty years. Presented in original wooden box.

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Chateau Lafite Rothschild, 1972

Pauillac 1er Grand Cru Classe

Premiere Grand Cru Classe Chateau Lafite from the 1972 vintage this is a wine any collector or enthusiast would appreciate in their cellar.

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Dow's Port, 1972

Vintage Port - OB

A rare bottle of Dow 1972 from the good 1972 vintage.

Very light and fruity, with extremely simple but fresh flavours, even though the alcohol dominates a bit. Medium ruby with a garnet edge, a slightly hot boysenberry nose, medium-bodied, with rather dry cherry flavours
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Fonseca Port, 1972

Guimaraens Single Quinta Vintage Port

A very rare example from the 1972 vintage. Bottling was inconsistent and tasting reports are mixed. This wine has a tawny coloured rim around the outside. The nose was very gummy and thick with orange peel, slightly medicinal. Very reducted on the palate with thick tar, raisins, orange peel.
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Graham Port, 1972

1972 Single Harvest Colheita Port - includes presentation case

The 1972 Single Harvest Tawny Port is made from the very finest wines from the Graham’s vineyards, and is the result of the unique terroir of the Douro Valley and subsequent maturation in Vila Nova de Gaia, that has distinguished Graham’s for almost two centuries.

The 1972 Colheita shows a vivid, rich amber colour, with a suggestion of a green tinge on the rim. On the nose an explosion of multiple aromas, a combination of caramel, nuts, hints of vanilla and cigar box. Massively concentrated in the mouth, these wines have a complex palate revealing honeycomb, exotic spices and crystallised orange peel flavours.
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Grignolino, 1972

Bosca (was 49.95 now £25) Sold as a novelty from the 1972 vintage and excluded from our guarantee.

The Grignolino wine have a light ruby red color, tending to orange with aging. Have a characteristic odor and delicate in the mouth are dry, slightly tannic, bitter pleasant, with a characteristic aftertaste.
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Offley Vintage Port, 1972


Vintage Port

This rare vintage port from the good 1972 vintage has taken on a tawny appearance but is still rich with tastes of coffee and plums. It is very full bodied and has good texture and flavour.
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Petrus, 1972

Pomerol (very top shoulder)

A rare 1972 Petrus.
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Sangiovese, 1972

di Nevola, Cantine Sociale Val di Nevola

Good-quality Sangiovese is prized for its high acid, firm tannins and balanced nature. Savory flavors of dark cherries and black stonefruit are characteristic, and may be backed by secondary notes of tomato leaf and dried herbs.

Sangiovese (or Nielluccio in Corsica), a dark-berried vine, is the most widely planted grape variety in Italy. Virtually synonymous with the red wines of Tuscany, and all the romanticism that goes with the territory, Sangiovese is the core constituent in some of the great names in Italian wine.
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Baron de Lustrac, 1972

Vintage Armagnac (Comes in original Lustrac Box as illustrated)

Baron de Lustrac is a small traditional éleveur specialising in fine old Armagnac vintages. Their extensive range is sourced from neighbouring estates in the Tenereze and Mas Armagnac regions and they keep an ageing and bottling chais near Magnan, in the Bas Armagnac region.

All Armagnacs are aged in 420ltr oak barrels and sold as single vintages. The grapes used are all harvested from the one particular year, and will only be distilled if the conditions were particularly good. Perfect for big birthdays or as a special drink for the connoisseur as they truly are a fine example of the very best Armagnacs around.
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Chateau Mouton Rothschild, 1972

Pauillac 1er Grand Cru Classe

Wassily Kandinsky label

Reviews: Stands up well for a 72. This had a deep red-brown color that was consistent throughout. It showed an intense nose of fresh asparagus which carried into the palate where it was joined by notes of celery. This exceeded expectations and was surprising drinkable for the amount of greenness it had. The half-bottle leftover the next day lost a lot of the asparagus/celery notes, having them replaced by some bell pepper and hints of cabernet fruit (cassis). One for the collectors. (cellar Tracker review)
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Cotes du Rhone, 1972


A cheerful example of Cotes Du Rhone might be light, soft, fruity and easy-drinking, while the finest examples may be full-bodied, concentrated, intense, spicy and age-worthy. But what they all invariably have in common is a fabulous sense of place and lashings of personality and character.
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Taylor's Port, 1972

Late Bottled Vintage Port

Blended from wines of a single year, Late Bottled Vintage Port ages from four to six years in cask and is ready to drink when bottled. Its concentrated fruity flavour and firm, full-bodied style make Taylor's LBV the perfect port to accompany chocolate desserts, and blue cheeses such as Stilton or Roquefort. Powerful dark cherry and black fruit aromas. The floral and herbal notes that come through on the nose add lovely nuances to the bouquet. The palate shows great intense fruit flavours and fantastic depth and complexity.

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