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20 Year Tawny and White Ports

20 Year Tawny Port | Special Offers

About 20 Year tawny and white Port

20 Year Ports are wood-aged Ports are those which age entirely in cask or vat and are ready to drink when they are bottled. They can either be tawny (made from red grapes) or white in colour. The 'twenty years' is an average age and may be a blend of several vintages and indeed previous batches of 20 year old. The wine maker is trying to achieve a consistent style so that whenever a bottle is purchased it will taste the same as previous bottlings.

In our view the twenty year category is the perfect balance between value and quality. The Port has spent significant time aging so that the fruit is a little less dominant and in balance with the barrel notes. the tannins and alcohol have mellowed and intergrated. At 20 years aging in oak, the Port will have colours ranging from a reddish to golden Tawny, these exceptional wines are full of fruit and their flavours are more developed and concentrated due to the fact that the wine was aged in small oak casks. The extremely intense aromas and flavours are reminiscent of toasted vanilla and dried fruits, with delicate hints of oak.

Storage and Serving 10 Year old tawny and white Ports shouldbe stored upright and will not improve with additional cellaring - nor should they degrade. Aged tawny Ports should not require decanting. We recommend serving slightly chilled in a white wine glass so that the aromas can develop. THe Port has already been oxidised in the barrel so, once opened, the wine will last a few months in a restoppered bottle.

Barrel Aged Tawny and White Ports

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