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Vintage Wine and Port is the UK's No. 1 Port wine retailer, three-time winner of the IWC Fortified Retailer of the Year 2022,2021,2019 and Decanter 2022 and 2020 Fortified Retailer of the Year Awards. Working with traditional UK shippers and directly in partnership with independent producers, VWP is able to offer the largest range of Fortified wines in the UK, including many exclusives.

Port is a sweet fortified wine grown exclusively on terraces in the beautiful Douro valley in Portugal. It is usually enjoyed as a dessert wine because of its richness, but many types can also be served as an aperitif. There are many types of Port, as discussed in the section below, but our focus is on the quality end of the spectrum in particular those capable of ageing for decades. Indeed, many Vintage and Tawny Ports that we affer are amongst the most highly commended and sought after wines in the world.

Port Harvest Reports 1900 - present

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About Vintage Port

There are two main types of Port produced Tawny and Ruby/Vintage. See our video for a concise explanation as to how they differ.

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Vintage Port Bonds

Vintage Port Bonds guarantee the recipient a case of Vintage Port from the current yor previous year. A perfect gift for a Christening, Wedding or Special Occasion. Andrew White explains how they work

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Storing and Serving Port

Port requires a little tender loving care to reach its full potential. Learn more from our informative video. .

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