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Valentine's Day Wine Gifts from Vintage Wine and Port

Valentine's Day is a celebration with a facinating and mysterious background. Saint Valentine was executed for defying his emperor in 3rd century Rome by conducting marriages for soldiers. He started a tradition when he sent the first ever Valentine to his judge's blind daughter (and gave her sight back as a nice little gift!). We have written a blog article about the origins of Valentines Day

Wine and Love a perfect combination. The world of wine is filled with romance, from picturesque vineyards and elegant tasting rooms to passionate vintners and sumptuous wines. Maybe it's the anticipation of exchanging winter weather for the warmer sparks of spring, or the easy-going food pairing versatility, maybe it's simply the colour, but rosé champagnes often top our list of best Valentine's Day wines. Sweeter styles, from Bordeaux's Sauternes to Portugal's best fortified wines, also tend to make their mark on Valentine's Day wine selections.

Vintage Wine and Port have selected a range of outstanding wine gifts to make your Valentine's day really special. Some of these are included below but don't forget we have over 2500 different wines in stock.

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