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Vintage Port Bonds

Vintage Port has the unique ability to age over decades making it the ideal gift for a wedding, christening, graduation or other special occasion.

Vintage port is normally released two years after the harvest. To overcome this, we have worked in collaboration with Grahams and Quevedo to develop Vintage Port Bonds so that you can exclusively purchase a case of Port from this year or last year even before the Port is released.

When you order your Vintage Port Bond gift we will send you (or the receipient) a beautifully crafted personalised certificate with the Port Bond details.

Grahams or Quevedo Port Bonds?

We offer both Grahams and Quevedo Port Bonds.

Grahams is a renowned shipper offering both cases and single bottles.

  • The product is high-quality and has a correspondingly high price tag.
  • Grahams tend to only declare a Vintage Port three times every decade, which means that in other years you will receive a case of Grahams Malvedos Magnums (made exclusively for Port Bond holders).
  • Grahams Port bonds are handled directly through the Grahams portal which means you will need to contact them for updates and queries.

  • Quevedo is a boutique winery offering lovingly-crafted bottles only in cases.

  • Quevedo ports are a very reasonable price given the high-quality and finish of the product.
  • Oscar and Claudia Quevedo, the owners, have committed to declare a Vintage Port every year. Which means that you will receive the case advertised.
  • Quevedo Port Bonds are handled exclusively through Vintage Wine and Port which means that we will be on-hand to help you and keep you informed every step of the way.
  • How It Works

    Choose Your Product

    Select Your Product

    Quevedo orders are handled by us - so just order in the regular way. Grahams orders are handled directly through their portal so click on the link to go to their website.

    Personalise your certificate

    Personalise your gift

    After you have placed your order you will be asked to fill in the details so that we can send you a beautifully-crafted certificate. The certificate will be send out within a few days of your order .



    When your Vintage Port is ready (approximately two years after the harvest). We will contact you to arrange delivery. In the meantime we will update you with progress and harvest reports.