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Fino Sherry and Montilla Moriles

Fino Style | Sherry and Montilla Moriles

Fino Sherry and Montilla Moriles is a style of fortified wine originating from the Andalucian region in southern Spain. It is known for its unique characteristics and is the driest style of wine. Fino Sherry is made primarily from the Palomino grape variety. The grapes are fermented to create a dry white wine. After fermentation, the wine is fortified with grape spirits (brandy) to increase its alcohol content to around 15-17%. Fino Sherry is unique in that it is aged under a layer of flor, which is a type of yeast that forms on the surface of the wine in the barrels. This yeast protects the wine from oxidation and imparts distinctive flavors. This aging process gives it a unique character and the pronounced dryness for which it is known.

Characteristics: Fino Sherry is is pale in color, ranging from pale straw to light gold. It is exceptionally dry, with very little residual sugar, making it a crisp and refreshing wine. It typically exhibits aromatic hints of fresh bread and a certain nuttiness. On the palate flavours of almonds, green apples, and a briny or saline note, which is a result of the flor's influence.

Fino in barrel

Serving and food pairing

Fino is best served chilled between a temperature of between 4℃ and 9℃ It is typically enjoyed in small tulip-shaped glasses or copitas to concentrate the aromas. If these are not available, try a white wine glass.

Fino Sherry is a delightful aperitif but can also be enjoyed throughout a meal due to its ability to pair well with a wide range of foods. It's a must-try for those who appreciate dry, complex, and slightly nutty white wines with a distinct Spanish character. It goes well with dishes such as:

  • Salted almonds, green olives, and other salty snacks.
  • Seafood, including oysters, shrimp, and sushi.
  • Tapas dishes like jamon iberico (Iberian ham), chorizo, and gazpacho.
  • Light, fresh salads and vinaigrette dressings.
  • Mild cheeses like Manchego.
  • Fino Sherry and Olives