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Italian wines are perhaps most famously associated with the fabled Barolos, Chiantis and Brunellos. Added to these great names are the Super Tuscan wines, the Pinot Grigio wines, the speciality Italian wines such as sparkling red Lambrusco, and of course the Italian takes on well-known international varieties of wine grape. The most striking aspect of Italian wine, however, is its sheer variety and individuality. Italy has hundreds of native varieties of grape that contribute to a myriad of regional wines. Individuality is a major characteristic of Italian wines.

There are four regions comprising the northwest of Italy: Valle dAosta, Lombardy, Liguria and Piedmont. Of these, Piedmont is regarded in many quarters as the most significant of all Italian wine regions since herein lies the origin of the Barolo, possibly the greatest of all Italian red wines. The Barolo, named after a small village in the region that sits atop an extinct volcano, is made from the Nebbiolo grape and is often considered the King of Italian wines. The Barolo responds well to ageing, and has a characteristic strength of bouquet that sets it apart from most other Italian red wines. The Bardolino and the Barbera also emerge from this region, but are considered distinctly second best.

Barolo Piedmont's, and perhaps Italy's, most famous wine. Often called the King of wines, Barolo is renowned for producing Italy's finest reds exclusively Nebbiolo. The Barolo appellation was formalised in 1966 at around 1,700 hectares, and has an exceptional terroir with almost every village perched on its own hill. The climate is continental, with an extended summer and autumn enabling the fickle Nebbiolo to achieve perfect ripeness.

Barolo wines are characterised by their rose, cherry and red-fruits on the nose, high acidity and earthy tannins on the palate. Often tannic in their youth, they mellow into a wonderful wine that is renowned for its longevity.


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Over 120 different Barolo Wines in stock spanning nearly 90 years

Barolos are renowned for their longevity and make excellent gifts for birthdays anniversaries and other special occasions

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