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2022 Vintage Port Declarations

Posted 8 May 2024

by Dia Grigoriou DipWSET

2022 was a difficult year with exceptionally dry and hot weather in the three months preceding harvest. In July, the highest temperature recorded since 1931 was 47 °C/117 °F in Pinhão. The heat and drought caused small bunches and berries, but rain in mid-September helped later-picked vineyards, and there was minimal raisining of the grapes. Producer and regional differences in yields aside, global production was approximately 10% less than in 2021. The best wines have good structure and are unexpectedly fresh, with a deep colour.

The following declarations have been confirmed by the producers:


  • Churchill Quinta da Gricha- S. Quinta
  • Niepoort
  • Quevedo
  • Quinta da Pedra Alta
  • Quinta do Noval
  • Quinta do Noval Nacional
  • Quinta do Passadouro
  • Barros
  • Burmester Quinta do Arnozelo- S Quinta
  • Calem
  • Kopke Quinta de Sao Luiz- S Quinta
  • Ferreira Quinta do Porto- S Quinta
  • Offley
  • Sandeman Quinta do Seixo- S. Quinta
  • Cockburn Quinta dos Canais – S Quinta
  • Dow Quinta do Bomfim – S Quinta
  • Dow Quinta Senhora da Ribeira – S Quinta
  • Graham Quinta dos Malvedos – S Quinta
  • Quinta do Vesuvio – S Quinta
  • Quinta do Vesuvio, Capela do Vesuvio (480 cases) –  Premium S Quinta
  • Warre Quinta da Cavadinha – S Quinta
  • Fonseca Guimaraens – S Quinta
  • Taylor Quinta de Vargellas – S Quinta

We are in the process of receiving our allocation by the shippers and we should be listing our availability end of May -mid June.

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