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Portuguese Wines | Vintage Wine and Port

Portugal is the seventh largest exporter of wine and is the fastest growing wine import into the UK. The relationship between Portugal and England is one of the oldest in the world and wine imports have been intertwined in the rich history of the two nations particularly in the development of the famed fortified wines Port and Madeira.

In the last few decades, Portugal's wine industry has benefited from a massive investment in its vineyards and the emergence of a new generation of winemakers who have pushed the boundaries of wine-making. Working with a rich palate of over 250 grape varietals they have produced profound and exciting wines that has gained international recognition. From the hot inland vines of Dao to the cool, coastal Algarve, Portugal has it all

In Portugal, as in France, Spain, and Italy, the highest quality level is certified as Denominacao de Origem Controlada (DOC) or as it is now called, Denominacao de Protegida (DOP). Portugal production is divided into 14 regions and within these wine regions are the 31 DOP areas. The wines that do not meet the DOP requirements are called Vinho Regional (VR) and correspond to the more common IGP requirements.

portuguese wine map

Mixed Cases of Wine from Portugal