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Wedding Gifts

Wedding gift package

Wine and champagne have been an essential part of wedding celebrations. Here at Vintage Wine and Port we understand everything has to be perfect on that special day so we are proud to offer a range of truly unique and thoughtful wine gifts.
We offer a bespoke service whereby we can create wine gift lists, an example can be found at wedding gift list. Each bottle can be sent with an individual booklet and message to remind the bride and groom in years to come of their special day and from whom the gift was received.

We can also offer

  • Anniversary Gift Boxes
    A range of wines to open on key dates after the wedding (e.g. 1st, 5th, and 10th). We have created a range of gifts with some of the worlds best wines selected to be at their peak at the time of opening
  • Bride and Groom Birth-Years Wine Package
    Contact us with the bride and groom's years of birth and we will suggest a gift package. The gift will be packaged and sent in a silk-lined box with messages and tasting notes.

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