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LBV Port (Late Bottled Vintage Port) from Vintage Wine and Port

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About LBV Port

Late Bottled Vintage Ports (LBV's) are a unique category of Port falling between Vintage Port and Tawny Port. LBV Ports are aged for a longer period in oak barrels compared to Vintage Ports. They typically spend four to six years in wood before being bottled. This extended aging in wood gives LBV Ports a smoother and more approachable character than young Vintage Ports. LBV Ports are known for their rich and fruity flavors, often with notes of red and black fruits, as well as a hint of spice. They are well-balanced and can be enjoyed earlier than Vintage Ports, making them a good choice for those who want a taste of the complexity of Vintage Port at a fraction of the cost and without the long aging period.

LBV Ports are always produced from the grapes of a single harvest; the vintage of which will be stated on the label, and can be either filtered or Unfiltered (formerly called 'Traditional') . The year of bottling will also appear, typically on the back label of the bottle.

  • Unfiltered LBV's will, as the name implies, contain some sediment which will form a deposit and so older bottles may need to be decanted. This sediment consists of grape solids and tannins that have precipitated out of the wine over time. It can give the wine a slightly cloudy or hazy appearance. Unfiltered LBV Ports typically have a richer and more robust character compared to filtered LBV Ports but may Require decanting. They can exhibit more intense and concentrated flavors, making them a choice for those who enjoy the added depth and complexity of a wine with some sediment. They are suitable for aging.
  • Filtered LBV's Filtration is used to remove the sediment to produce a more aesthetically pleasing Port which does not require decanting. Removing some of the substance does impact the character and longevity of the Port and we consider that Filtered LBV's are not suitable for extended cellaring.
  • Serving LBV port

    LBV Ports are typically enjoyed at a slightly cool room temperature (around 16-18C) and are often paired with cheeses, chocolates, and desserts.

    If you appreciate the complexity of Vintage Port and don't mind the sediment, unfiltered LBV Port can be an excellent choice, offering many of the qualities of Vintage Port but at a more accessible price point. Just remember to decant the wine carefully to enjoy it to the fullest

    Late Bottled Vintage Port

    LBV Port Introduction

    IN this short video, Andrew White introduces LBV Port and explains the nuances of this popular category.

    LBV Ports

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     Kopke, 2018

    Kopke 2018

    Late Bottled Vintage Port

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    Dow's, 1961

    Dow's 1961

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