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Sao Leonardo by Quinta do Mourao | Exclusively at Vintage Wine and Port

Quinta do Mourao, located in prime position on the bank of the Douro opposite Regua, has made its reputation for releasing a range of exquisite, stunning old tawny Ports aged to over 100 years old. Under the ownership of Miguel Braga, their tawny Ports sold under the brand San Leonardo have gained a reputation amongst connoisseurs as being amongst finest in existence. We are delighted to announce that Vintage Wine and Port is now exclusively imports these beautiful wines into the UK.

A Short History Quinta do Mourao appeared on Baron Forresters famous map of the Douro in 1848. There is very little information following that and it is likely that the owners sold wines and grapes from their benificary to other port houses. Importantly, family casks were put aside for special occasions and several dating back to between 1887 and 1896 were acquired by the Braga family when they purchased the property. For us the modern history of Mourao starts in 1972 when Mario Braga purchased five estates in the Douro Valley including what was a run down Quinta do Mourao. His first harvest in 1972 was saved for posterity and is now used as the base for many of the great tawnys. Mario Braga developed Quinta do Mourao by selling wines to other shippers. When Mario passed away in 1999, his son Miguel Braga decided to sell wines under their own label. As there is a trademark issue, wines from Quinta do Mourao are sold under the S. Leonardo brand. MIguel has developed the estate, build a new winery and has used some of the historical stocks to make some sublime tawnys. He is now joined at the winery by the his niece Rita who represents the third generation of the Braga family.

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The Wines Miguel's passion for tawnies is unsurpassed and he has his own variation of one of our favourite Port wine quotes "Ruby is made by the hand of God and the feet of men. Tawny is near God by the hand of Man". He also says that he likes all his wines old, including table wines, and added that Douro wines need time to show their best.

Miguel's Port wines go by the name S. Leonardo and include Vintage, aged tawnies and aged white Port: 10, 20, 30, 40 and 50 Years Old. They are all incredibly complex and structured. There are a couple of very special bottlings, a 1972 colhieta Port - his father's first harvest - labelled as a '30 year tawny' (IVDP rules prevent him from labelling it as a colheita). and a 1948 colheita Port labelled as a '40 year old tawny'. Whilst, these bottles attract premium prices, some of the 1972 is blended into the 'regular' 30 and 40 year tawny. Miguel refers to the 1948 and 1972 as his 'mother' wines.

Of course, it is impossible not to mention Mourao's legendary old tawnies. Miguel, says that they were discovered when clearing out the house cellar. Aged up to 150 years old they contained very old white and tawny Ports. We at Vintage Wine and Port have had the honour of tasting these incredibly concentrated ports, having reduced from ageing in these small casks. Our notes can be found in the product descriptions.

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Sao Leonardo by Quinta do Mourao

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