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Chateau Latour, 1944

Pauillac 1er Grand Cru Classe

Established around 1680, the Chateau Latour estate is one of the oldest of the Medoc. At the heart of the estate, the principal parcel named "L'Enclos" is 47 hectares of the oldest vines that are preciously maintained because only they are able to give birth to the "Grand Vin". The wine of Chateau Latour is an example of consistent excellence, no matter the vintage. Firm, tannic and concentrated in its youth, it needs a long cellaring to reveal all of its profoundness, strength and extraordinary richness. At perfect maturity, the wine distinguishes itself by an incredible bouquet of black currant, hazelnut and leather.
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Justinos Sercial Madeira, 1940


The white Sercial grape creates the driest style of madeira. The grape is well known for its high level of acidity, meaning that single vintage Sercial madeira wines require a minimum of 20 years aging to soften out these crisp acidity levels. Once mature, Sercial madeira makes a delicious apéritif.

Distinctive hints of orange zest and sea salt streak across rich, butterscotch aromas in this intense and rewarding wine. Over 70 years of aging has created a hugely complex style, with a vast spectrum of flavours, from fresh lemon peel to rich caramel and ripe tropical fruit. Elegant and refined, this medium-dry madeira is a rare and intriguing treat.
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Taylor's Port, 1855

Scion - Very Old Vintage Port

In 2008 Taylor’s wine maker David Guimaraens became aware of the existence of a very old and rare cask-aged port dating from before the arrival of Phylloxera in the Douro Valley. The wine belonged to a distinguished Douro family and was stored in a lodge in the village of Prezegueda in the Corgo Valley. A treasured heirloom, passed down from one generation to the next, it was maintained as a private family reserve, with the exception of one pipe said to have been acquired by Winston Churchill. In 2009 the sole surviving direct descendant of the family died, leaving no children. Her heirs, not all family members,
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Graham's Port


"Six Grapes" Reserve Ruby Port
In Graham's Gift Tube

Known for its remarkable quality, finesse and elegance Graham's Six Grapes Reserve Ruby port is full-bodied, with rich black fruit on the palate, and fragrant blackberry aromas. Bottled young in order to retain its freshness and characteristic opulence, Six Grapes is typically aged for between one and two years in seasoned wooden casks.

Serving this port:
Ready to drink without the need for further decanting, Graham’s Six Grapes is perfect on its own or as an accompaniment to desserts, cheese, or a simple piece of dark chocolate. Six Grapes can be left open for several weeks and is best served slightly cool, between 12 and 16º Celsius.
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