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The Sandeman Mini Port Collection

Miniature Pack (5x5cl bottles presented in a beautifully illustrated Postcard Pack)

Bottle size: 25cl

ABV: 20%


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***An excellent Christmas stocking filler!***

This special edition Miniatures Postcard Pack showcases 5 of Sandeman's best-loved ports, packaged in the uniquely designed 'postcard' shaped box and including : a ruby, a tawny, a white, a Founder's reserve and an Imperial reserve port.

The box itself features images of Sandeman's most iconic 20th century advertising campaigns, such as Sandeman's classic symbol "The Don", Jean D’Ylen’s “The Centaur” or Loxton Knight’s “Femme Fatale”. The gift-giver can effectively customise the set, writing a message across the front and sending it as if it were a postcard.

Vintage Port Bond



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