70 Years of Messias Tawny Port

40yr Messias and 30yr Messias Tawnies, 2x75cl (in a double dark mocha leather effect gift box as illustrated)

Bottle size: 75cl

ABV: 20%


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A wonderful gift for a 1949, 70th Birthday or Anniversary.
This double gift box contains two 75cl bottles of 30 year old and 40 year old Rich Tawny Port which add up to 70 Years.

Messias 40 year old port:

This lovely 40 year old has a wonderful tawny colour and is fragrant with a vivid roast almond and summer fruits flavour. It is full of personality, has a lively richness and a mouth watering finish.

Messias 30 Year Old Tawny Port:
This 30-year-old tawny from Messias shows incredible length a deep, old gold colour with hints of dried fruit and honey offsetting the rich nutty aromas. Lush, silky richness with an elegant, slightly austere quality which is quite distinctive. Subtle dried fruit flavours underly, exotic layers of caramel and nuts culminating in an endless finish.


Excellent condition