Armagnac Castarede, 1934


Bottle size: 75cl

ABV: 40%


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This 1934 Castarede rmagnac has a shiny brown hue with a shimmering green tint. The nose is incredibly rich and elegant, with touches of spice, dry prune, orange peel and cinnamon. The spirit is well balanced and very frank in the mouth, while the tannins are soft and melted. Very spicy aromas of prune and liquorice erupt from the glass, then – after aeration – rancio and butter notes remain in the mouth: the finish is very long and rich.

This is the oldest Armagnac house where the family has traded from 1832 casks brought by carts from the Bas Armagnac region. For almost 50 years, Pont de Bordes first, then Condom will be the vital center in the Armagnac trading. Initially, their trading House bears the name Jules Nismes Delclou & Cie. Ennobled by King Louis XVIII in 1818; the Castarède family gave the company its name and its coat of arms. In 1832, the company was included in the trade register as the first trading House declared in Armagnac trading.


label sightly bin soiled - see photo.

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