Assaje, 2001

Capichera - Rognedda

Bottle size: 75cl

ABV: 14%


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A 2001 vintage Italian wine. The Ragneddas have resided in the town of Arzachena in the Gallura zone of Capichera since the 19th century. Situated on the northeastern coast of the island of Sardegna, Gallura is known for its important history of viticulture; new research has revealed that it may have been the origin of wine cultivation in Europe millennia ago. However, over time, there hadn't been an established producer that was respected for its consistently high quality wines. That is until 1970, when the Ragnedda family decided to convert some of its pastures to vineyards and founded ‘Capichera’. They released their first wine made from the native Vermentino grape in 1980. Immediately heralded as one of Italy's great whites, it firmly launched Capichera as an estate to watch. Believing it could create wines of great longevity, the Ragneddas began experimenting with aging Vermentino in oak barrels and developed their signature ‘Vendemmia Tardiva’ (late harvest) wine which many compare to an elegant, aged white Burgundy. In the nineties, Capichera expanded its vineyard holdings with the purchase of old vineyards planted to the native Carignano or Carignan grape; today, they produce two mono-varietal reds including this ‘Assaje’ we are featuring here and the ‘Mantènghja’. Thanks to the tireless efforts of brothers, Fabrizio and Marco, the Ragneddas have indeed become that singular producer responsible for making world class Sardinian wines. Everything we've tried from them has been spectacular! “Assaje” in Gallurese dialect means “that’s something”, and this wine is definitely something – something worth seeking out and enjoying time and time again! A blend of 97% Carignano or Carignan and 3% Syrah, this is liquid velvet; the plush texture alone is intoxicating, not to mention the vivid and sweet-smelling fragrance of sun-kissed black currant, black cherry, anise and eucalyptus that seems to leap from the glass. There is a warmth and density on the medium-full bodied palate, accentuated by deep flavors of cocoa, clove, nutmeg and more of that rich, concentrated, ripe black fruit. The tannins are impeccably structured and softened to a very approachable state after spending twelve months in barrique. We have touted the merits of Capichera and their stunning wines (both white and red) for quite some time now, and this impeccable wine is a perfect introduction to their impressive portfolio.


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