Banyuls AC, 1951

Banyuls Domaine Pietri Geraud Fortified Sweet Wine
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Bottle size: 75cl

ABV: 17%

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This magnificent wine was produced from 100% Grenache Noir (old vines, late picked). Since 1968 it was allowed to mature in a large oak barrels and bottled after a gentle 50 year maturation. It is virtually indestructible and will continue to give great pleasure for many years to come.

"...Seriously good-value sweet wine antiques that you can drink over quite a time as they retain their fruit and freshness well in an opened bottle...Roussillon around Perpignan just north of the Pyrenees has for decades been most famous with French wine drinkers for its strong sweet wines with names such as Banyuls, Maury and Rivesaltes. These depend mainly on old Grenache bush vines in varying colours of grapes which reach great ripeness in the region’s hot, windy summers. They are typically vinified like port, the grape sugar being retained in the wine by stopping fermentation with added alcohol (particularly strong and pure in this case), and are then aged in wood or glass for very long periods. Some wines here are put into glass bonbonnes and even deliberately exposed to heat as in the Madeira process. The result is a wide range of different strong, sweet wines (vins doux naturels in French) which are virtually indestructible but, while they fit in to a wine drinker’s repertoire very much like a port, they are much rarer than port and many tasters, even quite experienced ones, have little exposure to the various styles on offer."