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Barolo, 2014 Red Wine

Gigi Rosso - Riserva dell'Ulivo - Arione, Piedmont

Bottle size: 150cl

ABV: 14%


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Barolo is known as the 'king of wines' and is made from the Nebbiolo grape. Heady aromas of rose, leather, vanilla, cherry, pepper, cranberry, strawberry. Fruits are perfectly knitted with the tannins and acidity. It's a powerful wine but remarkably subtle. Don't underestimate it and certainly serve it with food to show at it's best. Nebbiolo has naturally high tannins and acidity, so it will take on full-flavoured, rich foods no problem at all.

Gigi Rosso winery sits in Castiglione Falletto, in the heart of Barolo land. It carries the name of its founder Gigi, one of Barolo’s and Langhe pioneers. The next generation, Maurizio and his son Andreas are now managing Gigi Rosso winery. The passage to the second and third generation brings energy and new ideas to the business. As Gigi expressed in his own words: “I was born in the vineyards. I grew up in the vineyards. And the vineyards are my heart and soul. The Langhe are my home. This land gave me a very precious gift. As a thank you, every year, I harvest its fruits and look after them like a mother looks after her babies. They call me enologist, they say I’m a wine expert, they refer to me as a pioneer. But there’s only one truth: when nature speaks I listen. My land tells a unique story and I’m always listening”.


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