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Blandys, Tasting Experience Madeira Wine

Blandy's Madeira Pack.
Verdelho, Boal, Sercial, Malmsey

Bottle size: 20cl

ABV: 20%


$45.36 USD

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This gift set contains four 20cl bottles of Blandy's Madeira, one each of Sercial (dry), Verdelho (medium dry), Bual (medium rich) and Malmsey (rich). A superb way to taste the four main styles of the fortified wine, and would make a great present, too.

Sercial 10 Years Old: Pale, bright topaz colour with a golden tinge, fresh with dry fruit, wood and citrus flavours with a fresh and nutty persistent finish.
Verdelho 10 Years Old: Clear and bright topaz colour, with a golden hue right up to the rim. Fresh and fragrant bouquet of dried fruits and spice with luxurious warm orangey aromas.
Bual 10 Years Old: clear, amber colour with tinges of gold on the rim. Superbly complex. Great intensity, revealing a bouquet of dried fruits such as figs and prunes, with notes of almonds and oak and subtle hints of toffee and vanilla spice.
Malmsey 10 Years Old: Clear, dark golden brown with green tinges at the rim. Complex and intense nose revealing a bouquet of wood, dried fruits, toffee and spices.



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