Blandys Madeira, 1980

Sercial HALF BOTTLE 37.5cl

Bottle size: 37.5cl HALF BOTTLES

ABV: 20%


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The 1980 Blandys Sercial Madeira is "Based on Sercial grown on the north west corner of the island at Seixal and Porto Moniz where I am told that this grape produces the most gentle fruit: lovely clean, lifted aromas, green fruit, apple peel with a touch of citrus; lovely fresh appley flavours with a hint of toffee and milk-chocolate, perhaps just a touch of salinity, steely acidity running all the way through, fresh and lithe on the finish, dry but not austerely so with 55g/l of residual sugar. Just 800 bottles in total."
Score: 18 Richard Mayson,, January 2019



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