Bollinger, 2005

Bollinger, 2005

La Grande Annee Champagne (Comes in Original Bollinger gift Box)

Description and Reviews:
Grande Annee, the name, signifies that Bollinger's vintage champagne is only released during 'great' years.

The Grande Annee blend comes only from a particularly fine harvest. When such a harvest occurs the House selects its best wines, cru by cru and grape variety by grape variety - the key to the particular year. Each wine is individually fermented in oak casks prior to blending. On average, the blend is composed of 65% pinot noir and 35% chardonnay.

Forward aromas of flowers, toast and autolysis compete for attention on the delightful bouquet. There’s huge power on the dense, lush palate with notes of red apples, stone fruit and ripe figs which are balanced by some refreshingly crisp acidity, before the long, well-defined lingering mineral finish, rounds off this fantastic offering from Bollinger. Very tempting to drink now, but this will improve for another year or two and drink well through 2020 and beyond.

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Excellent- in originaL box as illustrated

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Champagne and Sparkling, Gifts


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