Borges Vintage Port, 1918

Vintage Port Soalheria Vineyard

Bottle size: 75cl

ABV: 20%


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The Sociedade dos Vinhas Borges was founded in Porto in 1884 by two
brothers, António and Francisco Nunes Borges. Trading initially under the
name of António Nunes Borges & Irmão, later in 1918 abbreviated to Borges
& Irmão, the company's activities ran from wines to tobacco, matches and
foreign currency and founded Banco Borges & Irmao in 1937. Between 1892
and 1895 the brothers began to devote more attention to the wine side of the
business, because the export trade in table wines was developing well,
particularly to Brazil. 1907 was a very special year for the company and
expanding the wine side of their business. At the turn of the century the
Company acquired two large Quintas in the Alto Douro (Quinta da Soalheira
in 1904 on the edge of Torto River and Quinta do Junco in 1907 near
Pinhão), both already producing wines of remarkable high quality.
In 1998 José Maria Vieira, SA (JMV Group) acquired Sociedade dos Vinhos
Borges. Taylor’s bought Quinta do Junco and Quinta da Casa Nova.


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