Butler Nephew Vintage Port, 1975

Vintage Port

Bottle size: 75cl

ABV: 20%


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The 1975 Butler Nephew Vintage is a top quality vintage port produced before the company was purchased by Gonzalas Byas and entered into decline. T

This House was founded by John Nash in Burmester, Nash & Co in 1730. In 1789 they dissolved partnership and James Butler was taken as partner and the firm became Nach, Butler & Co. Twenty years later J Butler took Mr. Nash nephew Mr. Tynedale as partner of the firm change name again to Butler, Tyndale & Co. In 1829 James Butler's nephew Robert Butler joined and the name then became Butler, Nephew. After the Second World War the house was owned by Gonzalez Byass. In 1979 Stephen Christie bought the Gonzalez Byass business in Portugal. Later on - in 1989 - Sandeman bought a large part of the stock.


Very good

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