Cacc'e Mmitte, 1994

Cooperativa Sveva

Bottle size: 75cl

ABV: 12%


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Cacc'e Mmite di Lucera is the name of a red wine produced from the Uva di Troia grape variety, a relative obscurity (even in Italy) whose reputation has gained some traction through the late 20th century and into the 21st; the variety is known locally as Sumarello, and can make up 35–60% of the wine. This is supplemented by portions of Malvasia Nera, Montepulciano and/or Sangiovese (25–35%), and Trebbiano Toscano, Bombino Bianco and/or Malvasia del Chianti (15–30%). Cacc'e Mmitte di Lucera wines are typically robust and highly tannic, with dark, baked fruit flavors.


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