Copertino, 1962

Barone Fabio Bacile

Bottle size: 75cl


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Copertino is a DOC of the Puglia wine region in south-eastern Italy. The catchment area centers around Copertino town and stretches 10 miles (16km) north-west to Salice Salentino. The land around Copertino is dominated by vineyards and olive groves – this is Italian agriculture at its most evocative. The red wines produced under this title are robust, often quite tannic, and typically high in alcohol. They are made mostly from Negroamaro grapes, which must make up at least 70% of any blend claiming the Copertino title. Negroamaro has long been recognized as one of the grapes best suited to the terroir in the Salento peninsula, the 'heel' of Italy's 'boot'. The grape may be joined in Copertino wine blends by up to 30% Malvasia Nera and/or Montepulciano and up to 15% Sangiovese.


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