Cossart Gordon Madeira, 1962

Bual Madeira
75 Cl Bottle

Bottle size: 75cl

ABV: 20%


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Cossart Gordon 1962 Bual Vintage Madeira is made from 100% Bual grapes and is a medium rich style of Madeira

Cossart Gordon’s Vintage Bual 1962 is a single harvest Madeira. This wine was aged for 53 years in seasoned American oak casks in the traditional ‘Canteiro’ system, whereby the casks were gradually transferred from the top floors of the lodge, where it is naturally warmer, to the middle floors and eventually to the ground floor where it is cooler. The wine was regularly racked and when it reached the desired stage of maturity it was bottled. Only 1,104 bottles of this wine were released.

Crafted by Francisco Albuquerque, the Bual 1962 is the perfect example of a world class vintage Madeira. Visually, it's dark amber colour, with golden hue, greenish rim, and the magnificent slow teardrop, are warm and embracing, calling us to sit down and enjoy. Dense and concentrated, this vintage has the typical bouquet of old Madeira's. Exuberant on the nose, its bouquet is extremely complex, with noticeable balsamic notes, cedar wood, cigar box, spices, dark chocolate, caramelized orange peel, dried passion fruit, roasted nuts and old brandy. The mouth feel is wonderfully rich, yet vibrantly fresh. Extremely concentrated, and complex, this wine has noticeable notes of spices and resin. The aftertaste is long and lingering, making it a meditation wine.

Cossart Gordon Frasqueira Vintage Madeiras are aged in cask for a minimum of 20 years before being bottled under the supervision of the Madeira Wine Institute. The Frasqeiras then receive an additional two years bottle ageing before release. Madeira is a complex, interesting wine and is made in virtually every vintage. Due to the unique estufagem aging process Madeira is one of the longest-lived wines and also improves for days after opening, but will keep, once opened, for a month and more in a decanter. It makes an ideal wedding or anniversary present. Cossart Gordon Frasqueira-Vintage Madeiras continually fetch the very highest prices at international fine wine auctions. They are renowned for their superb quality and style. Cossart Gordon 1962 Bual Vintage Madeira is made from 100% Bual grapes and is a medium rich style of Madeira



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