Croft Port, 1945

Vintage Port - Oporto Bottled
Level in neck | Bin soiled label

Bottle size: 75cl

ABV: 20%

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A much deeper colour than the ’42 as one would expect. Quite limpid for a 62-year old with a lovely, elegant nose of ginger, leather, figs, almond and black cherries in the background. Very refined with a sedate feel to it. The palate is just sublime with perfect acidity, rich and decadent for Croft and in a sense, riper than the ’35 thanks to the Indian summer? Powerful, spicy and almost decadent towards the finish with wild honey, heather, fig, raisin and liquorice. Very long – this ’45 flirts with perfection. A gorgeous ’45 port.


Original Bin-soiled Labels - Level in Neck, no capsule

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