Dom Perignon, 1962

Oenotheque Champagne

Bottle size: 75cl

Dom Perignon, 1962


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The 1962 vintage’s maturity has been considered advanced enough to be placed among the Oenothèque wines.
This vintage is indeed a fine example of a diversified bouquet. One can even observe different stages in the sensations of the nose during the tasting. First, smoky and woody notes can be perceived. Then, cedar and sandalwood notes complete a palette which is already interesting. After the emergence of slight marmalade flavours, the taster is able to detect a subtle note of hawthorn.

Despite a significant maturity, Dom Pérignon Oenothèque 1962 seems to be endowed with a certain freshness, as it appears bright, fruity and easy on the palate. The wine has a clear length that makes the difference at each tasting.



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