Fonseca Port, 1922

Vintage Port

Bottle size: 75cl

ABV: 20%

Fonseca Port, 1922


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Pale tawny brown at the core, fading to amber with olive highlights at the rim. Faultless nose, extraordinarily complex, with notes of cedar, tobacco and orange flower perfectly intertwined, a sumptuous mellow undertone of molasses and butterscotch and a halo of fresh, minty herbal scent. An hour after decanting, the wine opened up an exotic spice chest of nutmeg, black pepper, cumin and, tobacco, later joined by coffee, aromatic wood and dried rose petal. Dense, thick, almost treacly palate, holding the spirit firmly in place and underpinned by a crisp acidity. A luscious infusion of treacle and toffee lingering into the endless finish.


Level in neck - embossed capsule

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