Harveys Port, 1954

Vintage Port (unlabelled with embossed capsules)

Bottle size: 75cl

ABV: 20%


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The 1954 Harveys' Vintage port is actually believed to be 1954 Grahams Malvedos. Grahams have indicated that the 1954 Malvedos Vintage was supplied exclusively to Harveys of Bristol in this year who bottled it under their own brand.

The 1954 still has a deep red colour and density. On the nose there is complex, lovely bouquet of spice, baked cherry, toffee and perhaps a hint of strawberry. Great mouth-feel with weight and density. Great balance between alcohol, tannin, acidity, touch of toffee. A beautiful wine with an ever-lasting finish. 96/100. Outstanding TC VWP tasting. Mar 20.


Good levels, unlabelled with embossed capsule