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Kopke 50 Year Tawny Port

50 Year Tawny Port
***98 Points- Wine Advocate***

Bottle size: 75cl

ABV: 20%


$240.88 USD

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Kopke, one of the most emblematic Port wine houses, recently launched its 50 Year Old Tawny and White Ports, “wines that celebrate the wisdom of time”.

Port wines with an indication of age were until now associated with labels 10, 20, 30 and 40 and are the ultimate expression of the art of blending. Now we are presented with the new 50 years category, wines “of extreme fineness and delicacy, which provide moments of delight and contemplation, layer by layer, which make them the ideal option for special celebrations”. These are wines that require extra work and a very special accompaniment to ensure that they evolve in complexity, while preserving the richness of aromas.

The 50 Year Old Tawny is intense and with layered aromas of wood aging, in which notes of dried figs, tobacco box, dried white plums and walnuts stand out, with a unique and endless aftertaste.

The 50 years white is an elegant and intense wine, in which notes of yellow fruit with stone stand out, such as apricots, involved in notes of spice and dried fruits, such as hazelnut and vanilla, but always with a citrus note. In the mouth, it is opulent with saline notes, maintaining its freshness.

They are both available at Vintage Wine and Port in very limited quantities!

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New - Excellent - please note that 50 years refers to the average age of the contents. this is a blend of multiple vintages to achieve a constant house style. This is included under the vintage as many customers like these bottles to celebrate a 50 years anniversary.

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