Madeira, 1921

Manuel de Faria, Velho Meio Seco 1921

Bottle size: 75cl

ABV: 20%


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Recorked, rewaxed capsules. Labelled. Levels into neck Tasting note: Bottled 1997, recorked/rewaxed 2015. Closed nose, touch ethereal, sweet plums, zoet, opening up nice after half an hour in the glass. Soft medium rich taste, caramel in after taste. Intense powerful, very nice strength, old wood. Pronounced aftertaste of apple syrup with touch of acidity peeking through the sweet fruit. Nice balance and natural concentration from long cask aging. Last tasted April 2014 before lunch at the owners house. Same bottle at a pre sale tasting in New York later that year showed very well, double decanted in the morning. This is unique for Madeira wines, an open bottle lasts and frequently even gets better with air.


excellent Bottled 1997, recorked/rewaxed 2015

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