Negroamaro, 1995

Salento Rosso, Patriglione - Cosimo Taurino

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"Patriglione is the name of the place where are implanted the vineyards planted as trees from which we get the prized IGP Negroamaro Salento Red.
The late harvest, the few grapes left on the plants age of about 80 years, give life to this award-winning wine, the Company Agricola symbol, which represents the history of Negroamaro and Cosimo Taurino.

Born from the insights and passion of Cosimo Taurino, the unforgettable protagonist of Apulian viticulture from the seventies, this wine is the ultimate expression of the great potential of the Negroamaro grape.
The Patriglione is a wine that has had a very important role in the history of viticulture in Southern Italy. In his best years he proved that even in the South could be obtained red wines that are not only distinguished themselves for power, concentration and “exuberance” taste. The Patriglione all this added complexity, dynamic taste, harmony."


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