Pelaverga, 1993


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Bottle size: 75cl

ABV: 12%


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Pelaverga vine is certainly a native of Saluzzo. In the Turin area it is known as synonymous with Cari. Pelaverga vine was then introduced in the town of Verduno in the 17th century by Beato Sebastiano Valfrè, who got some vine plants grown in the Saluzzo area. The vine, due to the scarse production among other characteristics, seemed doomed to disappear. In the ‘70s, thanks to the intuition of some winegrowers of Verduno, the Pelaverga grape was recovered and saved from extinction. The berry is black large, elliptical, short with very waxy, blue-purple skin. The bunch is medium to large, conical or pyramidal elongated, generally compact with a medium-small, pentagonal, five-lobed leaf. The Pelaverga grape prefers dry hilly terrain with good exposure. It is sensitive to the bunch rot, which affects the consistency of its production. It is a variety of medium vigor, medium late maturation, medium-high, fairly regular productivity. It gives a wine of ruby red color with purple hues. The scent is fruity with notes of spice and hints of black currant. The taste is dry and medium-bodied, not very alcoholic.


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