Perdua Rubia (Sardegna), 1962

Mario Mereu

Bottle size: 75cl

Perdua Rubia (Sardegna), 1962


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In 1949, in the Cardedu vineyard, Mario Mereu started making his own Cannonau. He called it Perda Rubia in honour of granite, that in that part of Sardinia puts on a characteristic red colour. It was in those early years that he established, once and for all, the characteristics of a wine that was soon to gain its well-deserved fame.
Perda Rubia is said to be the last of the Cannonaus. It is certainly a wine that refuses the illusion of industrialisation and still proposes the same craftsman's techniques that has made it so famous and unique since 1949. position among the Cannonaus. Those who have been lucky enough to taste it, understand as soon as they sip it why it is called the last of the Cannonaus.


good level and label

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