Pocas, 2006

The Coopers Limited Edition Colheitas
2x50cl Bottles
Includes Pocas Gift Box

Bottle size: 50cl

ABV: 20%


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Poças The Coopers Limited Edition includes two 50cl bottles of different Poças Colheita 2006, one aged in small oak casks with 550 lt, the other aged in a very large barrel with 15 450 lt.

These two distinctive Port Wines pay a tribute to the cooperage art. A tradition that has been passed down from the master to the young apprentice year after year. Thanks to the remarkable talent of our coopers, our wines can breathe and age properly surrounded by a well-crafted wood. Because barrels are much more than a mere wine container, since the place where a wine age says a lot about how it will be and taste.



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