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4 Bottle Port Selection Pack
Prestige Selection.
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Bottle size: 3 x 75cl, 1 x 50cl

ABV: 20%


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We set our Port Buyer the challenge of selecting 4 bottles of Port that would contribute to an exceptional Christmas experience.

Palmer 1962 White Port 50cl 20% ABV
White Port has gained a huge amount of popularity in recent years and we are delighted to include a rare and exclusive 1962 White Single Harvest Port. Served slightly chilled, this will make a wonderful aperitif or a refreshing counterpoint to the Vintage Ports.
1962 White Colheita Port - 50cl Bottle. Exclusive to VWP. This rare white single harvest port has been stored in seasoned oak casks since the 1962 harvest until it was bottled this year. White Ports are incredibly rare Tasting Notes: This 1962 port is a beautiful golden amber colour. On the nose there are fragrant stone fruit aromas of peach and apricot. The port has a great mouth-feel with a balance of fresh acidity that offsets the sweetness. The port has a lovely fresh long-lasting finish. This is a beautiful wine.

Quevedo 40 Year Old Tawny
This nectar is made from old, Portuguese varietals planted and vinified by the grandparents of the current producer, Claudia Quevedo. Quevedo has one of the deepest stocks Colheita ports which form a large component of this 40 Year Old. This is exclusively imported into the UK through VWP and is one of our highest-rated 40 Year old Tawny Ports. We ahve included this alongside the other ports as it works well either as an aperitif or as a compliment to a sweet dessert.
94 pts Robert Parker - Colour golden amber with green hints. Huge complexity of aromas, from nuts, to sweet dried fruits and at a certain point, it smells like honeycomb. On the palate it is thick and intense, with the dried fruit coming along and it never finishe

Fonseca 1983 Vintage Port 75cl 20% ABV
We wanted to select a port in its early maturity window to compliment and contrast the Martinez 1963. Fonseca is one of our all-time favourites. Fonseca's 1983-vintage Port is made with a harvest that survived the first snowfall in Pinhão in 20 years and heavy rain through the spring. The result is intense aromas of dark chocolate, prune, fig and hints of rich double cream. Consider pairing its chocolate, fig, prune, raisin and walnut flavours with a cheeseboard or with festive fare over the Christmas period.

1963 Martinez Vintage port 75cl 20% ABV
As part of this prestige experience we wanted to show how a Port evolves into a fine, elegant and ethereal drink. With nearly 60 years of ageing and coming from one of the legendary vintages of the 20th century, we have selected a Martinez Port which has been aged in good cellar conditions throughout its life. 1963 Vintage Ports are among the most sought-after of all Ports and it's easy to see why. The quality was superb and 25 shippers declared wines which have taken time to reach their best, a wait that was wholly worthwhile. The 1963 Martinez is medium bodied with a rounded, soft character and plenty of fruit and spices that give it a more youthful feel. A real charmer, this is one for leisurely sipping with cheese over the coming years.