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Quevedo Prestige Advent Calendar, PORT ADVENT CALENDAR

2021 REFILL PACK for Prestige Advent Calendar
Clearance Offer | Was £245 | Now £145

Bottle size: 24 x 90ml

ABV: 20%


$180.27 USD

Out of stock


We have a small number of 2021 calendar refill packs remaining. Each year Oscar changes the composition of the calendars so we are offering these packs as part of our clearance offer.

Please note that this is a Refill Pack for a Prestige Calendar. It does not include the cabinet. Oscar is a strong advocate of recycling and reusing materials. He has produced a refill pack for his calendars so that they can be reused every year.

For the 2021 Line-up, Oscar has focussed on rarity and quality at the expense of some of the more entry level Ports. Highlights include the 1981 and 1975 White (only released for the Calendars) as well as the 1994 and 2000 Garrafeira which will be the subject of a special tasting event.

***Only available for Delivery UK Mainland ***

The pack contains 24 x 90ml Bottles of.

cember 1st - 10 white

December 2nd 10 Tawny

December 3rd - Bio Ruby Reserve

December 4th - Colheita 2007

December 5th - Tawny 20 year

December 6th - Colheita 2000

December 7th - Garrafeira 2000

December 8th - Colheita 1992

December 9th - 20 year old White

December 10th - 30 Year old White

December 11th - Colheita 2005

December 12th - White COlheita 1981

December 13th - Colheita 2002

December 14th - LBV 2016

December 15th - 40 year old tawny

December 16th - Oscar's 20 year old

December 17th - Claudia's Blend

December 18th - Colheita 1997

December 19th - Vintage 2019

December 20th - Colheita 2004

December 21st - 1970 White

December 22nd - Colheita 1994

December 23rd - Garrafeira 1994

December 24th - White Colheita 1975


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