Quinta do Noval Port, 1934

Vintage Port - Level in neck - perfect capsule

Bottle size: 75cl

ABV: 20%


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Noval 1934 Vintage Port. VWP TC Notes Tasted June 2020 from an ullaged bottle. Very dark, initial nose of alcohol and a slight oxidative notes. underneath a nose of liquorice and damsons. In the mouth.... wow... thick full bodied, power and dimension. Caramel, walnut, liquorice. Everything is in harmony. Finish lasts for minutes. 95/100

Other reviews: AHB The Port Forum
"Deep red in colour, and very dark at 60% opaque. An attractive nose full of lovely young fruit. The fruit is rounded on entry with all the sharp edges smoothed away; big and full of vigorous fruit. The flavours grow and blossom on the tongue until it crescendos as a huge fruit burst on the aftertaste and slowly fades as a long, long fruit-led finish. This is a massive and still youthful port with hints of tannins on the finish. Just stunning. 97/100. Decanted 3½ hours." Jan 2017


Unlabelled - good embossed capsule - level very top shoulder

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