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RT Madeira, 1789

Vintage Madeira

Bottle size: 75cl


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Provenance from Christies.

Some early 19th century bottles are found branded Rufino Teixeira and this is relative to the RT on this bottle. Teixeira is an old Madeira family, Tristão Vaz Teixeira being one of the first to discover the Island in the 15th century (in 1419, 600 years ago!)

In January 2019 we received the following email.
"Regarding the bottle of Madeira Wine "RT 1789" on sale, would like to inform you as follows;
The wine is Sercial and the bottle was painted by my grandfather, which was a Madeira Wine exporter around the year 1910.
The RT wine comes from my great-great-grandfather and RT means "Rufino Teixeira". Actual\y, there was 5 consecutive generations of "Rufino" name in my ancestors (since my great-great-grandfather until my father), but "Teixeira" is the family name (or surname)." H Teixeira.


WAx capsule covering cork impressed with a rectangular imprint, not discernable level in neck.