Raboso, 1999

Conte Emo Capodilista - La Montecchia

Bottle size: 75cl

ABV: 13%


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Raboso is a red wine grape grown primarily in Eastern part of Veneto. It is often called Raboso Piave, from the name of the river where it has found a eletive zone of production. It produces deep-colored wine, with notably high levels of tannin no high alcohol content but above all it always gives very high acid contents. The name, raboxo in the native Venetian language, means angry, because angry is the sensation in the mouth when this wine is drunk young. Raboso was in the past the most cultivated grape varieties in Eastern of Veneto, it was the perfect wine for the Venetian navigators aroud the world, indeed they called it vin de viajo wine of travel, because it was the most resistant to aging and transport.


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