Recioto, 2014

La Perlara, Recioto di Soave (50cl)

Bottle size: 50cl

ABV: 13%


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The 2014 La Perlara is a delicious sweet wine, bright golden in colour. Intensely perfumed with floral notes and hints of sultanas, dried figs, nuts and spices. Richly sweet and lingering in the mouth.

La Perlara Recioto di Soave is made from a selection of the best grapes from Ca'Rugate's vineyards in Brognoligo di Monteforte d'Alpone. The grapes are allowed to dry gently in well ventilated rooms for around 6-7 months, concentrating their flavours and sweetness. In spring the dried grapes are pressed and fermented in barrel with natural yeast then allowed to mature in wood for 10-12 months.