Sforzato, 1972

A. Pelizzatti

Bottle size: 75cl

ABV: 14%


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This is the most representative and prestigious wine of the entire Valtellina region. It can be produced in all valleys (from Ardenno to Tirano), but only in hilly, well exposed vineyards having with loose soil and gravel. This wine is obtained from hand-made selection of the best bunches of Nebbiolo-Chiavennasca grapes, which are dried on wooden racks in a well ventilated and dry room, a "Fruttaio", for at least 110 days until late January. During this winter time the climate of the Valtellina region does all the work, drying the grapes. By late January the grapes have lost about 40% of their weight, the berries are dry and their concentrated juice has developed specific and very intense aromatic substances. After crushing, followed by a slow fermentation and at least 24 months of maturation and ageing, first in wood and then in the bottle, Valtellina SFORZATO becomes the unique expression of a grape, Nebbiolo, and a territory of this charming Alpine valley. Garnet reflections, has an intense aroma with hints of ripe fruit; different fragrances include the spicy and fruity scents typical of red fruit marmalade, cinnamon, vanilla and licorice. Its taste is dry, soft, textured and with character, with a hint of wood.


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